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[Ask the Cast!] Himeko as Aidoru?! (Idol)

Well, that's a very interesting question ...
My life would be complete different, because my time schedule would be entirely different and I would be a very busy girl. Imagine me as being an Idol is not impossible, because I like singing Karaoke in my spare times. Actually I am also a big fan of the Anime "Love Live! School Idol Project" and I just love their songs!
So ... how would my life be ...
[Starting HimeIdol.exe]
Himeko as School Idol

Himeko: Thank you everyone for visiting me singing! I love you very much !! It's my first time singing live in front of a crowd, so please be gentle on me !! I will try my best to make you as happy as I can !! Now, for the start, I will cover a song with the name : "Snow Halation" !!
Okay, here we go !!
Himeko as Cute Idol

Himeko: Everyone, thank you very much for supporting me !! You are awesome !! I'll try my best t
:iconmasterdragoniker:MasterDragoniker 9 4
Eien's Revenge ?! (Alternate Dimension) by MasterDragoniker Eien's Revenge ?! (Alternate Dimension) :iconmasterdragoniker:MasterDragoniker 37 9 [OC] Secretary Himeko (Alternate Version) by MasterDragoniker [OC] Secretary Himeko (Alternate Version) :iconmasterdragoniker:MasterDragoniker 27 23
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OC Louis by MasterDragoniker OC Louis :iconmasterdragoniker:MasterDragoniker 5 2 TG Sequence: Becoming a hot Teacher (Hydeang) by MasterDragoniker TG Sequence: Becoming a hot Teacher (Hydeang) :iconmasterdragoniker:MasterDragoniker 130 16
(2) Dare something: Himeko's children and more !!

"How would your kids look like? :3
And~ I dare you to remove your glasses to show us how you look without them!"
"I dare you to dress a sexy bikini. :)"
Well, two "dare" questions ...
Well, without glasses, I would look like this.
The only problem: I can't see anything because I am shortsighted :(
To your second question …
Well … I can't answer it yet because …
I-I don't know my … b … fr … friend … yet … *blush*

(Why I am answering it?!)
 However, if you really insist, I can show you my vision, how my children would look like.
They are adorable, aren't they? ^^
By the way, in this vision, my daughter is 15 and my son is only 14 years old!
They surely would inherit some of my best genes and and certainly someday become agents like myself too! I would be also very proud of them
:iconmasterdragoniker:MasterDragoniker 5 15
(1) Dare something: Bunny Girl and Maid Himeko

Thanks, Taru. I really appreciate your compliment … *blush*
Wait … you said ... me dressing and acting up like a bunnygirl?! That's super embarassing! Everyone will stare at me and I am uncomfortable about it! Acting and dressing as Maid is fine though (Because I already work in a Maid Café) ... But … but … I have to do it … it was a promise to my followers… Can't denied it ...
[A few minutes later]

H-Hi everyone! It's me, Himeko-chan!
Today, I am about to tell you, that I-I am B-Bunny Girl now. I will also serve you today in this B-Bunny Costume … If you have some wishes, just tell me … I give my best to … provide you happiness and love ...
(I'm showing too much skin *blush*)
Also, today I declare the proclamation of the "Bunny Republic of Velouria"
Please join it … We have delicious cookies and … and … many many gorgeous
:iconmasterdragoniker:MasterDragoniker 12 12
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A Different Kind of Thirst (RNG TG) [REQUEST] by DShittyAdmiral
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maybe this isnt as bad

marcus:damnit why did that damn note turn me into a girl?

marcus:and to make matters worse jackie is making me wear a bra and panties
marcus:well at least my boobs arent boucing like crazy.....thats kinda of a good thing....and to be honest this body is.....

marcus:kinda sexy. honestly i never wouldve thought id be like this if i was born a girl. hmmm since that note did this to me i might as well enjoy this a bit instead of feeling nervous all the time.

marcus:damn.......this is incredible........this is some fanservice shit right here

marcus:yeah definetly this is one sexy body. i guess i got the good genes........i hope jackie isnt pissed cause that would start some issues i wouldnt wanna have right now i mean jackie may tease me sometimes but we get along well kinda li
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Hi everyone!

I just want to thank everyone who is following and reading my contents. Thank you very much, I never thought, I could reach that big number ^^. I really appreciate it!
At this point, I also want to thank of other DeviantArt Users, like Tfgame , NinaPowa , NPSao ! Without them, I would never have such good ideas for my comics if they weren't there! And of course, I wouldn't have a lot fun on deviantart, if they weren't there. ^^

Because of that, I am now working on a special Kisekae Comic about Agent Himeko! It will have at least approximately 10 episodes in total! Stay tuned, because it is going to be "Spy" and also a "Fantasy" Comic! You say, it is weird? Yes, it is, but the story is going to be good explained also! And of course ... it has a bad ass antagonist, too ...

To the requests/Q&A : I am really sorry if I haven't done your request yet :(
I am just really busy in real life, so I am trying to finish them if I can. I'll finish them, I promise!

Thank you very much for following and reading my contents! I promise you, I'll create even more awesome and cute contents!

Yours sincerely,

MasterDragoniker & Himeko


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"Creating TF-Sequence as unique as you can!"


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